Software, consulting and engineering 

Our Capabilities:

✔ Quickbase
Specializing in API and javascript extensions to augment quickbase and connect it to outside sites and services, greatly improving your business capabilities and processes. More...
✔ Wordpress
Installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, optimizing and customizing wordpress. We also developing customized wordpress plugins. More...
✔ Almost Instant
From business concept to operational website within hours, including social, sales & lead capture.
✔ Linux
Professional linux engineers since 1996, there's very little we cannot help with. More...
✔ Programming
C, PHP, HTML & Javascript.
✔ APIs
Integrate with existing or custom build new APIs.
✔ Business Development
Business structure and streamlining, defining viability and agile processes.
✔ Agile
We help train and implement agile management practises often in non-programming environments.
✔ Consulting
We're certain that cryptographic technologies will transform businesses into the 2020's. We can help meet the challenge. More...
✔ And more
We have experience with mysql, mariadb, mongodb, redis, elementor, stripe, paypal, dns, mobirise, ethereum blockchain, letsencrypt & certbot, telegram IM (API), discord (API), zapier, Google, Amazon & Azure cloud, laravel, Google APIs and related technologies. We have a network of capable professionals that can help you get things completed.


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Quickbase is a fantastic platform to automate a great many business processes. With no programming required and many apps ready to be used, it also is easy to start with. We can help you get started with quickbase, troubleshoot complex issues, and integrate existing services and websites through the quickbase API (programming interface).

New capability: Google docs: We can now link data from QuickBase to printable and good looking Google Documents, PDFs and Microsoft Word.


Imagine that there's an global database that describes ownership of assets. A database that people trust. That in short is the blockchain.

At this time, people need to trust companies, governments, banks, insurance companies and other intermediaries. But their role as intermediary is going to be disrupted by blockchain based alternatives because the contracts and functions that underpin their transactions can all be described in the blockchain.

The blockchain is not just about bitcoin and money, it is far more capable. But let us give a current example based on currency: Venezuela. According to Transparency International, an organisation that tracks corruption, Venezuela is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. For example, people linked to the government can buy a single US dollar for 10 Bolivar (the local currency) and then sell that dollar on the black market (which for many Venezuelans is the only market) for thousands of Bolivar, pocketing massive profits. Also, currently inflation in Venezuela is at over 4000% a year. In response, many ordinary Venezuelans have embraced bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies to buy goods and services with but also as a hedge against hyperinflation. Rather than trust their government and central bank, Venezuelans increasingly trust the blockchain. While cryptocurrencies are very volatile, bitcoin's value is relatively constant compared to the Bolivar.

In the short and medium term, abuse and negativity will most likely dominate stories around the blockchain, much like these stories dominated the narratives around web and internet two decades ago. But in the longer term, mature services will materialize that will challenge a great many if not most companies. That's where we help anticipate and prepare.


Wordpress today is the most capable platform for websites. We have standardized our deployments using the Astra theme and Elementor pagebuilder, allowing us to rapidly deploy beautiful, responsive and functional websites. For even faster deployments, we use the mobirise framework.


Linux isn't just the operating system on which all of the world's 500 top supercomputers run, it also is what powers by far most websites and servers as well as cloud services such as Amazon & Google. And it also is the core operating system on which Android runs. So Linux is by far the most prevalent and capable operating system. We've been using Linux ever since 1996 when it started to gain traction. Today it is the operating system on which we build most of our projects and services.

Other API
For a partner we're developing a wordpress plugin to manage domains registered through

Letsencrypt API
For a partner we're developing a wordpress letsencrypt plugin with which we can manage https certificates. API
For a partner we're developing a Stripe payment API plugin.